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What to see in Kaliningrad in 1 day: 20 most interesting places

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Kaliningrad, the most western city in Russia, attracts travelers with its special atmosphere. What to see in Kaliningrad in 1 day, we will show you the 20 most interesting places. Former Königsberg until 1945 was the capital of East Prussia. As a result of the dedicated work of Soviet citizens, the city literally rose from the ashes. Despite the numerous destruction after the Second World War, a considerable number of architectural monuments have been preserved here. Tourists will always be interested in deciding what to see in Kaliningrad in 1 day. Unique cathedrals, fortifications, museum complexes with unique expositions, spacious green parks deserve attention. A variety of attractions symbolize the richness of the cultural heritage of this historical and geographical area.

Brandenburg Gate

Бранденбургские ворота, Калининград

One of the many architectural monuments testifying to the German-Prussian past is the Brandenburg Gate. They gained their present appearance in the middle of the 19th century. King of Prussia Frederick II ordered the construction of new brick gates instead of a dilapidated wooden structure, which would serve as reliable protection of the city from the south. The grandiose structure attracts tourists with its Gothic architecture. The gate consists of two canvases, the width of which provides travel for only one car. Traffic on Bagration Street passes through them.

The construction is decorated with two serrated gables, decorative turrets, coats of arms, medallions, bas-reliefs and ornaments of light sandstone in the form of stone flowers. The massive brick walls feature arched windows and oak doors. Inside the gate is an unusual museum of marzipan. The hall exhibits items made from sugar treats.

Church of the Holy Family

Кирха Святого Семейства, Калиннинград

A masterpiece of the Gothic architecture of Kaliningrad is the Holy Family Church. This is a former Catholic church located in the middle of a Soviet-era residential block. At present, a concert hall of the regional philharmonic society is equipped in it. The majestic building was erected from red brick at the beginning of the 20th century.

The construction is famous for its tower, which rises several tens of meters. The facade of the historical structure, crowned with a pitched roof, is decorated with decorative details with bright impregnations of white elements, high lancet windows and vertical rods. The rigor of cubic forms is given by numerous stepped pediments.

Octagonal columns prevail in the interior of the church. Among the exquisite arcades under the vaulted ceiling is an organ. Along the perimeter of the room installed lighting devices and plasma screens. Organ concerts, jazz festivals, chamber concerts and romance evenings are regularly held here.

Friedland Gate

Фридландские ворота, Калининград

Tourists should pay attention to the Friedland Gate, which in the mid-19th century served as part of the urban defense system. The facade of the Neo-Gothic structure, divided by five buttresses, is decorated with sculptures, towers, carved patterns and rhombic ornaments. Massive brick walls end with rows of teeth. The through holes of the gate are made in the form of lancet arches.

For lovers of historical artifacts, a museum is organized in the fortification. On the premises you can see various household items of the townspeople: dishes, clothes, toys, books, coins, stamps, pharmaceutical containers and many other valuable exhibits. Of interest is the hall dedicated to the Medieval period. It exhibits armor, weapons, flags and coats of arms of knightly orders. Visitors are offered the opportunity to take a virtual walk through the old quarters of pre-war Koenigsberg.

Fish Village

Рыбная деревня, Калининград

Along the picturesque embankment of the Pregol River, there is a small trading, ethnographic and artisan quarter – Fish Village. The newly formed in 2006 architectural ensemble imitates the historical buildings of Koenigsberg. Modern architects managed to recreate the special original atmosphere of the ancient city. Here are hotels and restaurants, souvenir shops and various shops, galleries and museums, a river station and a lighthouse.

Hundreds of years ago, fishermen lived on a neat German street, who sold their catch directly to the townspeople. Tourists will be interested in taking a walk along the well-groomed promenade, looking at beautiful half-timbered buildings and a large number of sculptural compositions. The facades of buildings with wooden balconies are crowned with a red tiled roof. The structure of the Fish Village includes a movable Jubilee Bridge, in the fence of which the newlyweds hang their “locks of love”. The embankment is equipped with slopes to the berths for pleasure boats.

View Tower Lighthouse

Видовая башня Маяк, Калиннинград

In the heart of the Fish Village stands the Lighthouse View Tower. The height of the structure reaches 30 meters. Travelers are advised to climb the observation deck of the tower, which offers amazing panoramic views of the natural landscapes and attractions of the city. To do this, it is necessary to overcome the 133 steps of a spiral staircase.

On the way to the top of the lighthouse, guests will be greeted by a cozy restaurant and gift shop. Of interest is the hall with old artifacts discovered during the construction of the Fish Village. The highlight of the exhibition is a collection of weapons of the XIX-XX centuries, household items and clothing of citizens of the XVI century. The survey open platform of the lighthouse is fenced with a figured lattice.

From a bird’s eye view you can see the whole of Kaliningrad: multi-story buildings, a river bay and architectural monuments. In addition to the opening beautiful panoramas of the city, it is worth paying attention to the sculpture of a seagull, which holds an egg grated to shine. The legend says that if you rub it and make a cherished desire, it will certainly come true.


Кафедральный собор, Калининград

The hallmark of the capital of the amber region of Russia is the Cathedral, standing on the island of Kant, surrounded by sprawling green spaces of the park complex. The oldest architectural monument of the former Königsberg is of historical and artistic value. The first written mention of the cathedral dates back to the 14th century. Over its rich history, the building has been rebuilt and restored several times.

During World War II, the cathedral was severely damaged by the bombing of British aircraft. The interiors of the temple burned to the ground. The iconic shrine has turned into ruins. Extensive reconstruction work was carried out from 1994 to 2005. Currently, the building is used as a multifunctional cultural center. The cathedral regularly hosts concerts of classical organ music. The majestic three-nave basilica is built in the Gothic style of red brick. The main facade is divided by numerous lancet openings of various shapes.

Some windows feature exquisite stone lace. The building is crowned with a clock tower and a high gable roof. The interior is striking in its splendor. In the main bright and airy hall, a vaulted ceiling stands out, resting on massive white columns. Of interest are picturesque stained-glass windows with illustrations of biblical subjects and large chandeliers with gilding. A special place is occupied by the organ complex, decorated with sculptures with exquisite wood carvings.

Tomb of Immanuel Kant

Могила Иммануила Канта, Калининград

A small memorial adjoins the northeast wall of the Cathedral. It is an open gallery with a stone colonnade surrounding the cenotaph (grave without burial). This is a symbolic massive sarcophagus of dark granite. Deep underground lies the remains of the outstanding thinker of the XVIII century – Immanuel Kant.

The world famous philosopher was born in Koenigsberg. He made an indisputable contribution to the development of modern philosophical science. The works of the German thinker, devoted to the fundamental issues of life, had a huge impact on the minds of Europeans. The memorial structure was built on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of I. Kant on the site of a dilapidated chapel.

Holy Cross Cathedral

Крестовоздвиженский собор, Калининград

Holy Cross Cathedral is an active Orthodox church located on October Island. The first stone of the historical church, which originally belonged to the Lutheran community, was laid in the 30s of the XX century. The cult structure survived during the bombing of Koenigsberg during the Second World War. In 1989, the former church passed under the patronage of the Russian Orthodox Church. Holy Cross Cathedral attracts tourists with its characteristic appearance.

The three-nave building has a plan in the form of an equilateral cross. Above the western facade towers two bell towers connected by a covered gallery. The external lining of the monumental walls is made of decorative bricks of various degrees of firing. The main architectural element of the temple is a huge niche-portal, the surface of which is decorated with panels with a large cross. The interior is designed in accordance with the Orthodox canons. Of interest is the unique amber iconostasis.

Museum of the World Ocean

Музей Мирового океана, Калининград

It is impossible to imagine a program of exploring the sights without visiting the museum center dedicated to the study of the wealth of the oceans. A whole complex of objects is located on the promenade of Peter the Great. This is the territory of the former port, where in the restored old warehouse facilities and new pavilions there are many exhibitions with a variety of exhibits.

At the quay berth moored vessels that have served their term in the country’s Navy. Everyone has the opportunity to inspect the sides and interior of the ships. Some exhibits of the museum fund are exposed in the open air: installations of a water molecule, ship’s guns, boats, torpedoes, anchors and many other objects.

The main building of the museum houses aquariums with marine inhabitants, amazing collections of corals, mollusks and shells, as well as models of ships and underwater bathyscaphes. Ancient maps, instruments and diving equipment allow you to plunge into the mysterious world of the ocean depths.

Submarine B-413

Подводная лодка Б-413, Калининград

Guests of the large-scale complex of the Museum of the World Ocean are offered a unique opportunity to visit the diesel-electric submarine B-413, which is moored at the pier of the Pregol River embankment. The submarine was launched in 1968. As part of the Northern and Baltic Fleet, she made more than ten military expeditions, took part in a number of naval exercises. Submarine belonged to the pre-atomic period of development of the Russian Navy.

Since 2000, the B-413 has been a museum exhibit and has received numerous visitors who want to feel themselves as part of the crew of a combat submarine. Going down the ramp, tourists will see mechanisms, appliances, living compartments, torpedo compartments and rooms with equipment. It will be interesting to examine the command cabin, crew cabins, first-aid post, galley and latrine.

Historical and Cultural Center “Ship Resurrection”

Историко-культурный центр «Корабельное воскресение», Калининград

Among visitors to the Museum of the World Ocean, the historical and cultural center – “Ship Sunday” is especially popular. The exhibits, which tell about the development of shipbuilding in Russia, occupy the restored premises of the Friedrichsburg Gate. This is a monument of fortification architecture of the XIX century. The gate consists of one arched portal, on the sides of which round towers and casemates are attached. Massive walls end with a toothed parapet.

In the exhibition halls you can see a collection of different models of ships: from kizhanka and dugout boats to frigates and battleships. It will be interesting to get acquainted with ancient navigation devices, such as a wind meter, grad stock, manual lot, Davis quadrant. Behind glass racks are stored cards, orders, banners, flags and numerous rigging elements. Part of the exposition is dedicated to the role of Peter the Great in the formation of the Russian Navy. In the reconstructed office of the great emperor is a cabinet filled with rare artifacts.

Victory Park

Парк Победы, Калининград

Victory Park in Kaliningrad is a peaceful, picturesque place without entertainment facilities and attractions. The ennobled territory with a pond and spreading trees was founded in 2000. Guests and locals come here to relax in silence, take a walk along the well-groomed winding paths and honor the memory of Soviet soldiers-liberators.

A monumental ensemble dedicated to 1,200 Red Army guards who died during the assault on Koenigsberg in April 1945 was installed in the park. The dominant feature of the memorial complex is the high obelisk, at the foot of which the Eternal Flame is lit. The Wall of Glory deserves special attention. It is erected from monolithic reinforced concrete and faced with slabs of red granite.

The names of each fallen hero who took part in the East Prussian operation are carved on them. Near the central square of the park is the “Monument to Border Guards of All Generations”. It is a sculpture consisting of two obelisks in the form of border pillars. On both sides of the monument there are bas-reliefs with inscriptions.

Rosgarten Gate

Росгартенские ворота, Калининград

The center is surrounded by gates, which tourists can familiarize themselves with during a sightseeing tour of the westernmost city of Russia. One of the historical objects of cultural heritage of federal significance are Rosgarten Gate. They were part of the Konigsberg defensive fortification system. The gothic structure of red brick has a rather uncharacteristic appearance for the fortification. In the design of the facade used arcade gallery, giving the gate a certain airiness and elegance.

The elevated central arch, four meters wide, is surrounded by octagonal towers with mounted loopholes. Three casemates are attached to both sides of the main opening. From the side of the city they have windows, and from the outside – embrasures. The surface of the walls ends with a crown of teeth. Today in the Rosgarten Gate there is a restaurant “Sun Stone”.

Amber Museum

Музей янтаря, Калининград

On the banks of the Upper Pond stands a massive fortification round tower 12 meters high. Its diameter is 34 meters. This fortress, representing historical and architectural value, houses a unique museum complex. The pride of the Kaliningrad region – amber – is displayed here for all to see. More than 90% of the world’s reserves of this mineral are concentrated in the region. The collection consists of more than 14,000 exhibits, the exposition of which occupies three tower buildings.

The exhibition acquaints visitors with amazing samples of amber of various sizes and shades. In the halls there is a considerable amount of jewelry, products and objects made of “sun stone”. These are figurines, paintings, beads, bowls, masks, watches, boats, caskets and many other masterpieces, the variety of which is amazing. The most interesting part of the exposition consists of stones with frozen particles of animals and plants. The museum has a selection of exhibits that will tell about the history and development of amber processing.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Храм Христа Спасителя, Калининград

On the central Victory Square rises the main cathedral of Kaliningrad – the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Its consecration and final erection took place in 2006. This is the first shrine of the city, which was built according to the canons of Orthodox architecture. Before her, churches were opened in structures that previously belonged to other religious faiths.

A symmetrical octagonal building in the plan rises upward by 69 meters. External snow-white walls end with kokoshniks zakomaras. The cathedral is crowned with six helmet-shaped domes mounted on massive drums. At the church service, parishioners invite 13 bells. A wide three-flight staircase leads to the entrance portal. Lasting impressions produce the interiors of the cathedral. Walls and arches are colorfully painted with biblical subjects. The inner columns are made of a rare breed of red-brown marble with white veins.


Зоопарк, Калининград

Tourists are advised to devote part of their precious time to visiting the Kaliningrad Zoo. One of the oldest menageries in Russia occupies 16.5 hectares of picturesque territory. Here you can see more than 3,000 individuals. For animals, excellent conditions are created that are most appropriate for their natural habitat.

This is favored by open-air cages and spacious pavilions with rainforests, ponds, rocks, trees, sands and green meadows. The zoo has an aquarium and a terrarium. Walking along cozy well-groomed alleys full of plantations and observing animals makes it possible to have a good time and relax from the bustle of the city.

Visitors will see various representatives of the fauna: tigers, giraffes, hippos, tapirs, bears, primates, ostriches, crocodiles, lizards, turtles, snakes, exotic birds and many other animals. The symbol of the zoo is the Ceylon elephant, born in 1970. The most valuable specimens of the menagerie include the mighty brown bear, the Amur tiger and the Bornean orangutan.

Central park

Центральный парк, Калининград

The Central City Park is popular among guests and residents. Its total area is 47 hectares. It provides entertainment for every taste and age. The picturesque oasis invites its visitors to take a leisurely stroll along the shady alleys, go in for sports, ride the rides and have a good time. Festivals and sporting events are regularly held on the open summer venue. For concerts and creative evenings, a roomy amphitheater is equipped.

The territory is replete with green spaces, conifers and outlandish plants. Well-groomed paths are laid everywhere. A stream flows through the forest park. Ferris wheel, slides, carousels, trampolines, shooting galleries, a children’s room, a pool with boats and other attractions guarantee a charge of positive emotions. Visitors have at their disposal cozy cafes where you can have a tasty snack.

Guests will meet a considerable number of sculptural compositions and art objects. The monument, actor, singer and poet V. Vysotsky deserves special attention. In the park you can see several architectural monuments. This is a decorative half-gondola, the hunting house of Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Queen Louise memory church.

Youth Park

Парк «Юность», Калининград

On the shores of Lake Superior is a wonderful green corner, where ideal conditions for an active and relaxing holiday are created. This is a comfortable and well-maintained park complex “Youth”, where green walking areas are adjacent to all kinds of attractions. A picturesque natural picture is created by well-groomed alleys with flowering plants and sprawling trees, spacious meadows and the water surface of the pond.
On an area of ​​7 hectares you can find a Ferris wheel, a rope town, labyrinths, carousels, shooting galleries, a pool with water balls, go-karts, pavilions for mini-cars and many other amusement rides. An indoor ice rink is open during the winter season. In summer, vacationers can ride a catamaran.

A business card is an upturned house. Its visitors will have the opportunity to walk on the ceiling and see the interiors from a different angle. The central place in the park is occupied by a cultural and educational institution. The building, erected in the style of Russian classicism, externally resembles a noble estate of the XIX century.

I. Kant Botanical Garden

Ботанический сад БФУ имени И. Канта, Калининград

A pleasant experience will be left by visiting the I. Kant Botanical Garden. This is one of the most beautiful places in the city where you can enjoy the beauty of wildlife and relax surrounded by exotic plants. The garden collection is located in open space and in indoor greenhouses. More than 2500 species of plants of all climatic zones of the globe grow here. Tourists will have the opportunity to see rare shrubs, herbs and flowers.

The wide paths laid out from paving slabs are laid through alleys with coniferous and deciduous trees. A walk under the arch twined with vine will be a pleasure. The garden has a wide variety of flowers. The marvelous beauty of tropical and thermophilic plants that are grown in greenhouses and greenhouses attracts attention.

Max Ashmann Park

Парк Макса Ашманна, Калининград

At the beginning of the 20th century, the owner of the wine house Max Ashmann bequeathed to his native Königsberg his estate with an oak grove and ponds. The entrepreneur donated 100 thousand marks to the city treasury for the arrangement of a public green corner. The park named after M. Ashmann was opened in 1910. Its borders were steadily expanding and in 1938 the area of ​​the territory was 70 hectares.

Majestic trees, lakes, beaches for swimming, sports fields, well-groomed paths, sledges for horseback riding, paths for horseback riding – all around had a pleasant cultural holiday. Willows, oaks, maples, beeches, poplars, hornbeams and ash trees grew here. Sculptural compositions flaunted along the boardwalk.

After World War II, the park was significantly damaged and was virtually abandoned. Pitted with funnels from shells, it turned into a landfill of household waste. The disruption of the drainage system connecting the ponds of the park with the Upper Lake, led to the flooding of many valuable tree species. To date, landscaping is being carried out in the park area.


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