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by TripsterGuru.com

Famous french novelist – Anatole France argued that travel is taught more than anything. Sometimes one day spent in other places gives more than ten years of living at home. These thoughts prompted us to create a project call “TripsterGuru.com” for independent travelers, which will help organize an amazing trip, see unique places with your own eyes, feel the atmosphere of unique countries and cities, gain useful experience and new knowledge, and the most important thing is to learn how to plan your budget and save significantly on travel.

Who are we?

The creators of the project TripsterGuru.com are a team of enthusiasts, which, like many, used to use the services of tour operators and travel agencies, but, having tried once to go on their own to meet adventures, they were convinced that this is the only way to truly relax, get new impressions, meet interesting people and excitingly and profitably spend the long-awaited vacation. Our task is to help cope with the difficulties that arise for tourists who are planning their first independent trip. When you get acquainted with our tips, guides and life hacks, make sure that organizing a dream trip is quite easy and simple!

Who is our project for?

For adventurers and those who are tired of standard and boring routes, obligatory meetings with a tour operator’s guide at the hotel and the purchase of “exclusive” excursions at inflated prices.

If you really want to enjoy your vacation, then our project is what you need! We will tell you how to book cheap accommodation abroad, how to budget fly to Europe, how to spend a weekend in Paris <, having only 100 euros in your pocket. Our guides will help you plan your route, and also tell you where and on what you can save in a particular country, about free entertainment and interesting places.

Share with us your impressions!

We invite you to share your practical experiences, tips, photos, and trip reports. After all, only in this way will you help beginners overcome their fear of making an unforgettable independent trip, teach others and you will be able to gain new and valuable knowledge.

You can send a report on your adventures by e-mail: info@tripsterguru.com. We will publish it on our project page.