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20 best excursions in Armenia

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The ancient civilization of the prehistoric state of Urartu left a lot of unique “evidence” of its existence. Having become an independent country, modern Armenia is actively developing the tourism industry. More and more International tourists flock here to see the extraordinary beauty of the mountainous country and its monuments. Therefore, group and individual excursions in Yerevan have become the main element of the tourist destination.

Lake Sevan, pagan Garni and Geghard cave monastery

Озеро Севан, Армения

Becoming a member of the “chamber” excursion around the outskirts of Yerevan, you will plunge into the world of interesting legends. Authentic ancient structures amaze your imagination amid landscapes of unearthly beauty. A friendly Caucasian guide will treat everyone with fruits and national sweets. The world-famous alpine lake Sevan with fresh water – the priceless “pearl of Armenia” makes you dazzle with delight for its incredible beauty.

The turquoise-blue expanse of water is surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges covered with snow caps. The coastal landscape of a unique reservoir rich in fish is picturesque and diverse. Here you can breathe plenty of pure air. Rare luck – in the 21st century. see the pagan temple, which is Garni, which has become a symbol of Armenia. It was erected in the Hellenic style in the 1st century. n e. and dedicated to the Sun God Miter. The earthquake of 1679 destroyed the sanctuary, but the magnificent appearance of the architectural masterpiece of Hellenism was “resurrected” from ruins. When looking at the majestic colonnade of Garni, a pre-Christian history comes to life.

A truly unforgettable experience leaves the monastery complex Geghard. The scale of its premises, cut down in the rocks of a gloomy canyon, is amazing. It’s hard to imagine how much effort the monks put into by manually hollowing out the rock! Everything here is amazing and fascinating.

Bright colors of Yerevan

Экскурсии в Ереване на русском языке

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A 3-hour walk through the evening Yerevan will allow you to learn the sacred places of the city, to feel the spirit of its 3-thousand-year-old history. The narrow ancient streets will reveal the secrets of the past, introduce you to the unique oriental architecture. The connection of times will visibly appear before you in the guise of buildings. In the guide’s story, the heroes of Armenian legends and genuine historical figures, whose names are forever inscribed in the monuments, will come to life. A unique view of the city, shining with rainbow lights, will open from a height.

Going down the famous Cascade, enjoy the authenticity of the Old Town. A spiritual and aesthetic shock (in a good way) will be a visit to one of the churches here. Once on the square Republic, you will admire the play of light and water of the famous Singing Fountains. A pleasant touch in the “chord” of the promenade will be the tasting of Armenian dishes in the restaurant of national cuisine.

Tasting and historical tour of Yerevan and its environs

Монастырь-крепость Хор Вирап, Армения

An 8-hour road trip with an experienced guide is an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of iconic objects of antiquity, to literally be under the clouds and from there to view the stunning panorama of Armenia. 40 km from Yerevan near the border with Turkey is another 1 symbol of ancient Armenia – the monastery-fortress Khor Virap. It was built on the site of a medieval prison, the prisoners of which were thrown into the pit for certain death. Gregory the Illuminator spent 15 years here. The powerful walls of the building represent strength and reliability, over which time has no power.

At an altitude of 30 m above sea level among the mighty cliffs there is a narrow cleft. This is the entrance to the Bird Cave, discovered by an Armenian archaeologist in 2007. He discovered an impressive space with an abundance of bird nests (hence the name). Further research revealed that people lived here for 4 millennia BC. e. Evidence of this – fragments of pottery, shoes, skulls, the remains of the winery. An indelible impression of penetration into eternity will remain for a long time.

Journey to the Khor Virap and Noravank Monasteries

Нораванк, Армения

In the country, one of the first to adopt Christianity, many ancient shrines have been preserved. In 6 hours you will visit 2 monasteries. In sec. Areni will see near the divine Ararat, hear a lot of interesting information. A truly breathtaking picture will open before you: against the background of the majestic peaks of Ararat, the tower of the monastery-fortress Khor Virap (deep hole) rises.

You will find out what famous religious figure was kept in the church pit for 13 years. You will see authentic cells, guest houses, office buildings of the 17th century. The road along the winding bank of the river. Arpa leads to Noravank Monastery. Against the background of sheer red cliffs, you will see a 2-story old church. Noravank is the architectural masterpiece of the outstanding Armenian sculptor Momik, with whose name the legend about the foundation of the miracle monastery is associated.

Discover the beauty of nature in Armenia

Экскурсии по Армении

Unique natural and man-made monuments, the majestic beauty of mountain peaks, gorges and canyons await everyone in an 8-hour trip around the outskirts of Yerevan. A tremulous excitement will sweep you over the pass, where in June 1829 the ingenious classics of Russian literature met. The pass described by Pushkin in the documentary Journey to Arzrum will open up irresistible landscapes for you from its height. Once on the edge of the deep canyon Dzoraget, you will see a truly fantastic picture.

Among the steep cliffs covered with greenery of centuries-old moss and shrubs, a river of the same name flows with a winding gray ribbon. Numerous grottoes gap in mysterious depths. On the way to the Lori Gorge, you will have time to catch a glimpse of the color of Greek and Armenian villages, lost among the mountains and gorges. The surrounding landscapes are stunning with wonderful views. Feel yourself climbers, going down the rocky path to the river. Debed, and rising again up.

High above the river. Debed is located 2 monasteries (10 century.) – Examples of Armenian architecture of the Middle Ages. You will get an idea of ​​that era and feel the spirit of those times. When you see stone crosses, you will find out that these are “khachkars”, you will understand their purpose and types. The guide will tell you in detail about one of them. Lunch in a typical Armenian restaurant you will surely enjoy.

Sightseeing tour in Yerevan

Обзорная экскурсия по Еревану

During a leisurely walk (4.5 hours), you will see iconic sights – symbols of a long-suffering and great country. The secrets of little-known corners, traditions and life of old-timers will be revealed. The old city will amaze the imagination with incredible scale and grandeur of buildings, unique museums. You will not remain indifferent at the sight of Cascade, “Mother of Armenia”, Victory Park, memorial to the Genocide Victims Memorial.

Touch the antiquity in the famous Matenadaran, admire the paintings of local artists. In the New City, submit to the scope of the Northern Avenue, the beauty of modern buildings made of colorful tuff. Make a complete picture of contemporary Armenian art in the museum complex. Gafeshchyan. Pleasant moments await in cozy cafes where the Caucasian hospitality is combined with amazing Armenian dishes.

Sevan and Dilijan: the marvelous nature of Armenia

Экскурсии из Еревана по Армении

The opportunity to visit the beautiful Lake Sevan, in the popular resort of Dilijan provides a 5-hour tour. You will fall under the charm of azure waters, virgin forests and ancient monasteries. The pearl of Armenia – Sevan – the country’s largest voluminous lake with fresh water. More than 20 mountain rivers flow into it, filling it with melt water. Magnificent mountain landscapes surround the azure expanse, in the depths of which trout splashes. The ancient monastery built of black tufa makes a stunning impression.

Remember how the hero F. Mkrtchyan from the movie “Mimino” praises his Dilijan? You will also fall in love with this wonderful resort town, surrounded by blue mirrors of lakes and green forests. Walking along the picturesque streets, you will see local architectural attractions. Complement your experience with views of medieval monasteries around the city.

Lake Sevan, ancient monasteries, ethnic workshops

Экскурсия к озеру Севан и монастырям

A 10-hour auto tour of the foothills and highlands of Armenia is a vivid impression of everything seen. The bewitching beauty of Sevan, pine and deciduous forests, the amazing harmony of nature and ancient monasteries will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • You cannot take your eyes off the landscapes that open from the windows of the bus, on the way to Lake Sevan – they are so magnificent! A rest near the coast of Sevan will give aesthetic pleasure from the view of a unique lake. Serving freshly prepared fish dishes will add positive emotions.
  • The ancient monasteries of Haghartsin and Sevanavank, merged with nature, will conquer you with their architecture and touching authenticity. You will hear the story of their occurrence in an interesting presentation of the guide.
  • In the resort Dilijan, feel the fertile microclimate created by the surrounding forests. You will see the inimitable sculptural composition – 3 famous heroes of Mimino.
  • Take a short course in pottery (ethnic master class) and woodcarving.

If you wish, you can plunge into the thermal springs.

In the main Christian places of Armenia. Etchmiadzin and Zvartnots

Экскурсия в Эчмиадзин из Еревана

The Ararat Valley will open its arms to you, where you will “go through” the path of development of Christianity from birth to flowering. Rare churches and temples will become visual objects, at the sight of which you will feel the breath of centuries. The former grandeur of the Temple of the Watching Angels (Zvartnots) will reveal to you the partially restored ruins of an ancient sanctuary damaged by a strong earthquake.

Even from them you will conclude how grandiose this religious structure was. A visit to the residence of the Catholicos of all Armenians, the religious center of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the city of Etchmiadzin – an introduction to the cradle of Christianity. Gather a lot of information in the local museum, admire the cathedral. You will enter the building of the former seminary, where the Art Gallery is now.

The best way to learn Armenian cuisine

Армянская кухня

Becoming a member of such a 10-hour tour, get into the secrets of the famous Armenian cuisine, famous throughout the world. Feel the flavor of the eastern bazaar, learn to cook true Armenian dishes and taste the taste of divine wines. The picturesqueness of the Yerevan market is difficult to describe in words; it is better to see the whole variegated spectrum of cheeses, vegetables, fruits and other products on the plentiful counters. You will become aware of new varieties of cheese, exotic pickles and methods for their preparation.

After a walk around the market, you will go to a hospitable country house. On the way you will see a relict cave with prehistoric finds. A visit to one of the oldest wineries will be a pleasant highlight of the trip. Here you can taste high-class Armenian wine.

A real gastronomic holiday awaits you in a cozy house where you take part in the preparation of delicious national dishes. It will not do without dolma (the subject of laudatory odes of the “professor” Khachikyan-Mkrtchyan), without a juicy barbecue-horovac. Kalyagosh, baskyrtat and other dishes with unusual names for you will become known to you.

Khor Virap, Noravank and Areni – the best in the south of Armenia

Нораванк, Армения

A trip to the Ararat Valley, rich in vineyards, will delight you with a wonderful experience. Red rocks, grottoes and caves, ancient Christian shrines, amazing landscapes await you. Khor Virap, located on the river bank of Araks, at the foot of St. Ararat, will impress with its mighty monastery walls and great history. You know about the role of Gregory the Illuminator in the formation of Christianity in Armenia.

The legendary Noravank – a work of art of monastery architecture will delight you with the beauty of lines and shapes. The story of its creator, the in love architect Momik, will also impress. In the cradle of Armenian wine traditions – Areni village visit the winery, taste the taste of several varieties of wine. Then walk along the relict Cave of birds, learn about amazing finds and feel yourself in another dimension.

Garni Pagan Temple and Geghard Monastery

Экскурсия в храм Гарни из Еревана

A trip to the iconic shrines of Armenia will introduce you to the main Christian symbols. You will see a priceless monument of Hellenic architecture. You will visit the monastery monastery, which, according to legend, kept a spear of Longinus, piercing the body of Jesus.

Seeing the majestic colonnade of the Temple of Garni, you seem to find yourself on a piece of land of Ancient Hellas – the features of Hellenism in the pagan sanctuary are so precisely observed. Hear the history of its construction, you will find out who was the initiator of this and how the temple was restored after the earthquake.

After visiting Garni, you go to the Gokht River, where the Geghard Christian monastery is located in a picturesque gorge. One cannot help but froze in amazement at the sight of the gray walls and domes of the monastery against the backdrop of mighty rocks. You will learn that this complex, founded by Gregory the Illuminator, has undergone many destructions not only from earthquakes, but also from human hands. It was in the temple of Garni (according to legend) that there was a spear of Longinus.

Culture and Heritage of Yerevan

Групповые и индивидуальные экскурсии в Ереване

You will learn about the most interesting facts and events from the history of the city, everyday and cultural traditions during an 8-hour trip around Yerevan. Unique buildings, structures and institutions will serve as visual aids.

  • Feel the national flavor on the Vernissage, where handicrafts are presented in abundance.
  • Taste the product produced by Ararat Brandy Factory and appreciate the art of its manufacturers.
  • You will visit Etchmiadzin – the historical center of the Apostolic Church of Armenians, visit the local Cathedral. If you’re lucky, listen to the beautiful singing of the male choir.
  • In the Museum of Spiritual Relics you will see a plaque from Noah’s Ark, an authentic Spear of Destiny and stone crosses.
  • The cave labyrinth will amaze you not so much with its enormous dimensions (depth 21 m, length 150 m, 7 rooms), but with the scale of work of the Armenian Levon.

A walk through the evening Yerevan will introduce you to the most outstanding architectural structures, the Republic Square and the Singing Fountains.

The road to the temple: about Christianity and art

Ереван, Армения

During the educational excursion, uniting the themes of religion, history and art, a close connection of the past and present of Yerevan is traced. You are waiting for a visit to ancient Christian shrines and modern institutions. A panoramic walk along the old and new streets, a tour of the Blue Mosque, Cascade, monuments will give a vivid idea of ​​the city, embodying antiquity and youth.

By visiting the Cathedral, you will learn many interesting things from the history of Christianity in Armenia from the distant past to the present. The chapel of the 13th century, the church of the Holy Virgin Zoravor and the new church of st. Anne. Matenadaran – the repository of ancient manuscripts will impress with the number and linguistic diversity of rarities. If you choose the Museum of Modern Art, you will be captivated by the talented works of famous sculptors and artists of the 20-21 century.

Travel to the cave city and Tatev Monastery

Экскурсия в монастырь Татев из Еревана

The most vivid feelings and impressions await you on a trip through the mountains. Rises to dizzying heights, descents into millennial caves, incredible views of mountain gorges. Khndzoresk – an ancient city located on the side of the mountains – the first stop on the way from Yerevan. Here you will see unusual caves, resembling giant nests of swallows, “hanging” on the rocks in several tiers.

Take an extreme walk on a suspension bridge over a deep gorge. The cableway (the longest in the world) Tatev’s Wings will take you after a short halt to the Tatev Monastery. Flying “on wings” literally under the clouds, you will see stunning views of the gorge of the river below. Vorotan. The feeling of “bird’s flight” is unforgettable.

Tatev Monastery (9 c), considered the center of spiritual strength, will make an indelible impression. The unique architecture of the religious building, the beauty of the surrounding nature will enchant. The history of Tatev, who became the center of science and art in the 14-16th century, will be an important discovery. The final “chord” of the trip is a visit to the healing springs with 3 types of healing water, acquaintance with the “bridge of Satan.”

Rose City Photo Walk

Фотопрогулка по Еревану

A fascinating voyage (3.5 hours) in a relaxed, without officialdom, atmosphere will allow to reveal more deeply the traditions and mentality of Armenians, their way of life and culture. Your photo lenses capture amazing atmospheric objects and spaces. Significant symbols of Yerevan will appear before you in all its glory. Vernissage will amaze with its unique exhibits. On Republic Square, admire its architecture and sights. The famous modern building – Cascade will present the brightest “photo frames”, like the ancient church.

Yerevan flavor will be revealed throughout the promenade. You will understand why the city is called pink after seeing the bright facades of houses. You will have the opportunity to compare the arrangement of yards of Yerevan from different eras. When visiting an elite staircase, an old carpet shop and an artist’s workshop, make sure once again how diverse and colorful the life of the city is, where antiquity and modernity go together.

Wine Tour: Khor Virap – Areni – Noravank

Винный тур по Армении из Еревана

In this tour you will discover the unique nature of Armenia, amazing Christian buildings, incredible Armenian hospitality and exquisite taste of local wines. Ararat Valley will meet you with amazing mountain landscapes. You will admire them on the way to the Khor Virap monastery, which is especially revered by the Armenians.

Located off the river. Araks, not far from the border with Turkey, Khor Virap resembles a powerful “guard” guarding the homeland. The stunning view of the majestic Ararat will enhance the impression of the reliability of the borders. At the next shrine, the architectural pearl of Noravank, you will freeze with admiration for the view of the monastery and be inspired by the narrative of the romantic love of its creator.

The picturesque gorge of the river. Arpa will be the enchanting backdrop of the visit. In sec. Areni, where the guide Anna will invite all participants, get acquainted with the long-term wine traditions of her family. Learn interesting facts from family-friendly wine production technologies. At a welcoming table you will taste several sorts of wines, with various “highlights”.

Master class on desserts of Armenian cuisine

Мастер-класс по десертам армянской кухни

In a country with such a rich history as Armenia, a special national cuisine could not help but appear. A variety of Armenian desserts can satisfy the taste of the most demanding gourmets. There is hardly a person who would not like baklava, gata or nazuki. In the course of the master class, the secrets of making these amazingly tasty and healthy desserts will be revealed to you.

All the intricacies of the “creation” of confectionery masterpieces, the dosage of the constituent ingredients and products will become known from an experienced guide as a pastry chef. Watching his actions and manipulations, you yourself can cook some kind of dessert. Upon returning home, you will delight relatives and friends with confectionery novelties.

In 3 hours of fun communication, you will learn the history of the appearance of traditional Armenian desserts, which products are used most often. Get comprehensive answers to all your questions. In conclusion, treat yourself to aromatic coffee with cooked “goodies”.

Little Switzerland in Armenia

Экскурсия в Монастыри Агарцин и Гошаванк из Еревана

On an 8-hour trip, you will meet with the truly unearthly beauties of the natural and architectural pearls of Armenia. Paradise corners of “Little Switzerland” will charm with its bright tones and midtones, the divine harmony of forests, water, mountains and ancient monasteries.

On the way to the natural miracle – Lake Sevan, from the mouth of the guide you will hear many interesting things, admire the surroundings from the windows of a comfortable mini-bus. The amazing blue of the water surface of Sevan, a necklace of snow-white peaks along its shores will captivate your imagination. Visiting the Senavank monastery, you will understand how strong the spiritual connection of nature and the Armenian culture is.

There will be no limit to your delight in Dilijan Reserve. The richest beauty of these places, indeed, will seem Switzerland. The slopes covered with dense forest, picturesque gorges, rocks amaze the imagination. The Haghartsin and Goshavank monasteries will “discover” the secrets of their appearance, captured in official history and romantic legends.

Six types of Armenian temples and their secrets

Церковь св. Рипсиме, Армения

The Armenian people, the first to adopt Christianity, created many religious symbols. A trip to the Christian shrines – 6 ancient monasteries – an exciting immersion in the fateful history of Christianity in Armenia. In the small mountain villages that meet along the way, you will get acquainted with the life and lifestyle of local residents and see the ruins of the princely palace.

At the picturesque slopes of the extinct volcano Aragats, you will visit the ancient temples 7 in:

  • Church of st. Hripsime (city of Vagharshapat) is the first central domed authentic temple in the world. 13 centuries stood without destruction.
  • In the temple of Aruchavank you will see preserved frescoes and a unique method of building a dome.
  • In the temple of the Watching Angels (Zvartnots) you will admire the amazing sculptural decorations of the facade, you will learn the unusual history of the shrine.
  • Church of St. Gregory (Hovhannavank Monastery) will give an idea of ​​the earliest religious architecture.
  • In the church of st. Karapet (Hovhannavank) get acquainted with the features of the domed hall.
  • The Karmravor cross-domed church (the city of Artashak) will surprise with its extraordinary resilience (14 centuries)

A wonderful tour will end with a pleasant visit to the “paradise” – the garden of a local resident, where you can enjoy juicy fruits.


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